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About Us

Sweet passion

We have been on the market since 1989

For over 25 years we have been developing our structure, our efficiency and the machine park. We have been nurturing the love and passion for sweets we make.

We are proud of our achievements

From a small family business towards a modern company equipped with latest world technology, employing over 50 people, exporting products onto all European markets.

The success is made by people

Our qualified team makes an effort to ensure the unique flavour and the outstanding look of the sweets we make. Our handmade lollipops and hard sweets show the experience and the commitment of our confectioners.

Sweet business

Our offer comprises around 20 different kinds of products. These are mainly lollipops of various shapes and flavours, hard sweets and Christmas candy sticks. We stand out for the excellent quality and flavour. We value the final customers of our sweets, who are mainly children. That is why the lollipops and other sweets produced by Karmel-Candy are made only with natural ingredients and they are free of any preservatives.

What we do

Never ending pleasure

Handmade sweets
Hard sweets


We create with passion

Our Policy

Tradition and innovation


Our company’s policy is oriented towards continuous development. We constantly look for new solutions and tools in order to satisfy the most demanding clients. Continuous modernization of our machine park, implementing new production technologies and constant work on the flavour all lead to improving the quality of our confectionery.


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